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Imagine your next trial. The jury hangs on your every word. Your organized and insightful presentation has never been better. You confront the opposition's witness with impeaching exhibits. You're in total control over your presentation. You're using TrialDirector!

LTN Award Windows 7 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible

TrialDirector Features Summary

Transcript Management

  • Save and print searches
  • Issue-code transcripts and print associated digests
  • View linked exhibits
  • Print condensed transcripts with word index

Video Management

  • View video depositions of witnesses and parties
  • Create focused, insightful video clips for use at trial
  • Synchronize a video deposition to the transcript text
  • Generate designation reports and video clips for the court

Document Management

  • Pack up your entire case and then simply unpack it on your laptop for trial
  • Create witness and trial workbooks
  • Create and print exhibit/trial exhibit lists
  • Create PDF's with user controlled quality setttings

Trial Presentation

  • "Tear out" a section of a document to focus the jury's attention
  • Present exhibits in a side-by-side comparison
  • Play a witness's video deposition with or without scrolling transcript text
  • Display a section of the transcript, to emphasize contradictory deposition testimony
  • Overlay exhibits - great for comparing authenticity of a signature
  • "Tablet Toolbar" preference for presenting from tablet PC's or Surface Pro

Adjustable quality settings when exporting to PDF

Additional quality settings have been made available to users exporting selected items to PDF. Specifically, users more concerned with file size versus image quality can now optionally reduce the size of the export file by reducing the compression setting.

Faster Loading of Multi-Page Documents

The time to load and display large, multipage documents has been significantly shortned. All documents now load rapidly when using multipage view, regardless of size.

New Tablet Toolbar Preference

A new "Tablet Toolbar" preference provides larger buttons when using TrialDirector with touchscreen surfaces, such as the MS Surface Pro or other tablet PCs. Users will also have the ability to lock the toolbar annotation buttons.

New Shortcut Keys for Zooming

New keyboard shortcuts have been assigned to zoom in and zoom out in Presentation Preview and Presentation Mode.

Improved Loading of 'Child' Pages With Common Name

Using a Common Name to load a child page of a document now displays the proper child page. Previously, only the first page of the parent document was loaded.

Evaluation Software Available

See for yourself why successful litigators love TrialDirector. Try a complimentary evaluation version of the software.

Download your evaluation license today. Or call an inData representative at 800-828-8292.

Product Integration

TrialDirector integrates with other popular products, such as SMART Board interactive white boards, Microsoft PowerPoint®, TimelineXpress and inData's web-based trial preparation and collaboration software TDNotebook®.

Other Features

  • Streamlined Installation Process
  • PDF & Native File Support
  • Easier Mass Deployment


Single-user licenses of TrialDirector start at $795, plus maintenance. Special savings are available for enterprise license packages, which provide unlimited installations of TrialDirector for your firm. All purchases of TrialDirector come with a thirty (30) day satisfaction guarantee.

Recommended System Requirements

  • Intel® Quad-Core i7 Processor (2.60GHz, 6MB Cache)
  • Microsoft Windows® 10 Pro
  • Display: Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Graphic Card:GeForce GTX 960M 4GB
  • Total Memory: 16.0GB
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB SSD
  • Optical Device: 8x DVD Recordable Drive
  • WLAN: LAN 1000 M, Up to WiFi a/c
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • Updated TrialDirector 6 System Requirements

For more information on TrialDirector 6, see our product brochure.

TrialDirector for iPad

Want to present your prepared case exhibits and video clips from the iPad? TrialDirector users can now transfer their case materials to the TrialDirector app and access the same organization, folders and workbooks as originally prepared in TrialDirector.

TrialDirector for iPad includes basic presentation tools such as:

  • Callouts/Zoom
  • Freehand writing
  • Highlight and redaction
  • Laser pointer
  • Freeform drawing on a virtual whiteboard
  • A variety of shapes, lines and drawing tools

You can also:

  • Bookmark your exhibits for quicker access
  • Present two exhibits side-by-side
  • Freeze the external display while you prepare the next exhibit
  • Present wirelessly using AirPlay Mirroring and AppleTV.

For more information about TrialDirector for iPad or to get your FREE download, visit the app store today.